Part 3: Jeff Siegel, Ed DeRosa, James Scully


Jeff Good Morning Good morning how you doing excellent and lots to digest. We've already talked to the J ribbon earlier this morning morning. I want to get your take on what went on about the racist we discussed last week including the the upset which I think is less shocking talking than people. The people are are feeling. It didn't seem upon further review that Mongolian groom was all that impossible well. He wants to me I mean I thought he'd run well but I I really I'd watch McKinsey working. I thought he was ready to roll. Oh and just looking at the form I thought that he would win and he he moved to the top of the stretch like he was going to pounce and then he kind of flat out and I I always had a little sense of doubt that maybe he wasn't quite amount of quarterhorse but this is only a mile and they and I was disappointed and I think Bob Baffert with two do I really was an he's made in announcement that he's going to replace my Smith with a writer that we don't know who's going to be. I'm sure all the the agents are kind of hanging around trying to throw their hat in the ring but yeah I mean I it was I mean it's it's just it's the nature of the game here. We've you see this happen a lot and perhaps the real the real important racist coming up a month from now but if you've you know food for thought as to whether or not the horse that we also at least I thought was the number one older horse in the country. is really that much better than everybody else and amount of quarter. I think it's anybody's game now fold in as well the the result at the Jockey Club Gold Cup and what did you think of the takedown and who do you favor of the two of them coming out west well. I'll tell you what that I I was kind of hoping that it didn't come down and even I thought the three year old is going to win the race going in and what am I ran well. I thought he I thought he had every chance to get by but it was a tough. It's tough to lose a race lightweight like way when push came to shove and unfortunately for her also did come to push he he hung in there I think both both of those are deserving the universal. I'd come already come out west a winner racer over the summer so we subtract and so they'll meet again it's I I. I was talking about this. The other day was Zoe on our podcast and we we were pretty much not baffled. I don't think that's the way but kind of open to in trying to figure out who might win the plastic doors so many possibilities now so many horses that look like they're capable title stepping up some of them that look good or maybe vulnerable so I duNNo. We'll be watching the next couple of three weeks to see who trains the best. Maybe maybe we can come up with a conclusion but right now now. It's really a mess we'll wait till they get the decisions. The final decisions horses like a late and late would add another wrinkle visit I think they're thinking mile and a quarter and the boys aren't that top much tougher for maybe the midnight DC would be if he ran against her again and and a mile an eighth in the in the the staff so that would that would certainly make an interesting well a couple of other thoughts jeff about last weekend the reasons we discussed filled D'Amato just a of magical a couple of days pee wee reese on Friday mirth and Cleopatra Strike in the Rodeo drive and the John Henry able to Geo Story. I keep coming back to it because what can you say and then Sunday Paradise Woods and I ask you the same question that I brought up up with Jay and I asked Sadler too Sadler Sheriff's the other day if she runs that race of the distaff she's she's a major major player and I know she's a notorious in and outer but I thought that was a terrific effort it was it was accomplished under under pristine conditions sitting right outside a speed horse with nobody all rounder nobody in front of her nobody beside her with kind of like a workout for but she did feel the deal as she finished strongly and she earned a beyer speed figure that was something like eight or nine points better than they were not that that means anything but bottom line is she ran really well now whether or not she can do that again I don't know if he pointed out not exactly your model of consistency and I thought maybe your best days were behind her but boy did she work well and I I I yeah I mean you have to go. You have to think that going into the dispatch. This definitely has a legitimate chance I mean if she decides to show up with a game the thing that we're going to start talking about Jeff when when when I'm at clockers corner and and we're watching horses work and when we analyzed the the XP TV workouts leading up to the race between you and Millie Ah Zoe is going to be fitness levels and the one thing you're not going to have to worry about John. The sheriff's Baffert and Sadler is is fitness of these horses on that racetrack and that's going to be a huge factor and I'm I'M GONNA keep referring to the east coast horses that went to del Elmar for the Pacific Classic and God drowned on that deep surface and Steve Asmussen asked me to his credit with with tenfold he learned his lesson and went out early with Mottola because he is not gonna get caught on that element he wants his horses. This is ready to travel over that surface and it's going to be something we we really focus on and then I'm sure in the recap you know after breeders Peter Scott. It's GONNA come up well down. Mars is eat but it's it's not it's not any deeper than in Santa Anita where this is not the old Santa Anita track backwards you know three quarters in eight and change all all day long I mean you have to be did fit to run on. This track is deep. You just tiring you you have to train over it. I think I think it really helps and yeah I think it's going to be very important to to to watch the works and I I do think it's going to be a great advantage for horses to get in early and get a beast of one or maybe even to work over the drag your possible because it's it's not it's it's tough. It's it's it. It's deeper than New York and Belmont Park is I'm convinced of that and I know Belmont to be called the fanny and all that but this track is is big heavy. I mean it's the faith it's safe and that's why they made it so deep but you've gotta get through it and you gotTa. That'd be fit well. Let's get set to look at the weekend and before we talk about Saturday any any day maker ideas for today well. You know it's yeah I mean I I did do a couple of San Anita and I can give the a little bit of an insight today's tough but I like the Philly name swirling in the fourth race she's not the favorite averaged five to two zero six two five in there she's a late running turf sprinter that that I that likes attending through force and they're starting to run five and a half now in the first we've got a couple now they extended the shootout there so she'd found five furlongs on this course a little stripe and she was hitting the boy and running well but just running out of room now she goes five and a half and I noticed in the few couple of five and a half long since we've had so far that the closers have a better chance and she's she's good enough to win. and I think that extra half for a long we'll give her the edge that she needs so I'm looking at number two swirling in the fourth race to kind of heightened me over for that's my play play today. It's an okay car not a great guard but I think we can we can get some value there because she's not going to be the favorite it's excellent all right swirling today and Let's let's go to the weekend and obviously the steak the steak side of things Let's talk about talk about the city of hope I because it it it really is intriguing and I brought up with Jay earlier. Jeff the mixing and matching of older horses. I mean really veteran in six seven eight year olds like synchrony and Ohio and Bolo and catapult facing off against some horses that may be emerging What's your angle in the studio? It's really hard. I handicap this this race and I came up with about four or five that on their best day could win. synchrony is intriguing to me I think he's intrinsically the best of the group but he doesn't have a lot of tactical speed and going a mile on this course even though he's running the tool aww theoretically he could maybe draft into the mid part of the mid packing and save the nangle out and get through he tends to give himself a lot to do and I remember when he came out here for the CBS del Mar last November. The same thing happened. Do that was sixteen. He fell back. He he had some traffic trouble he got. That's where we finished. Fuller Ronnie finished thirty one but but he didn't get there so I I like him at five to one at synchrony shipper I I hope he gets the trip. If he doesn't then you can make a case for a number of these. I mean looking for fifteen to one shot number four on your program. Aziz restrained vengeance. He's GonNa get loose in the lead and if he does that he can be dangerous. TAT upholds training really well but he's form doesn't look all that well you gotta go back to the Kilroy Mile Back in March the finding good but at least it was over this turf fourth and he could pop up Sadler. He's five to one the raises a bunch of the race basically is is a bunch. That's a five to one shots hoping for good luck but I think maybe if he gets through synchrony can win I wanted to I wanted to like River Boyne off the lay off and then John White made him four to one and that that cooled my ardor well you know I looked at him him and he was a very good three year old and he hasn't won at four and haven't made a lot of progress at least according to his numbers and he goes from practice and I'm looking elsewhere. Let's put it that way you know a to go back to an angle from last week as that in fact Jay also came up with and Dash the other filled D'Amato player and here's able to do who the things that just seem to be running for Jeff at at least from what we saw last week while they they ran for a golden gate when he was leading rider up there and I talked to them for a number of years actually we had horses up there and he he wrote for us always felt that he was good enough but he was kingpin up there era and then he decided to make the leap and I thought it might be tough for them but it really hasn't he's really falling favor with the with the horsemen down here and he's a strong writer but he's a good rider as far as and dishes concern. He's coming off a nice win. Del Mar.. He's obviously never beaten this this group although he did run second Mendelssohn and his racing debut of that matters which it doesn't that was way back in two thousand seventeen at the Curragh but but he's he's he's developing. He's he's coming around and the way the model is going. I mean I wouldn't put anything past him and especially in a race like this in which really there is no standout and anything can happen so hey why not wanting to watch a couple of other thoughts. what do you make of this chance Salat Omaha beach matchup the very very different set of three year olds against elders in the in the sprint championship wells twelve sheds lots four to five in the morning line because he's not only the fastest horse in the race in terms of numbers but he's also look controlling speed and he doesn't even have to go that fast my my concern was and it's kind of happened in the Jerkins a little bit then I know that the inside part of the wasn't particularly hit that day but they kinda slowdown down twenty three flat forty five and and he's fast horse and I think you gotta use his weapon and I think going three quarters. They don't have to worry too much about you. Know saving reading anything so I I would suspect he'll bust out there and go. He had a nice breeze over the track. I think Navarro did the right thing by bringing them out early and breezy had a half and forty. He's seven and one third fastest at sixty five last week and he lied did it. The right way looked like he was relaxed like he got over the track very very well so he's going to be it really hard for Omaha Beach the rundown although I my theory about Omaha beach is that he's always wanted to be a sprinter and because he was so good and all the money's going long long that Richard Mandella kept running them wrong and why wouldn't he won the rebel in the Arkansas Derby any may have even able to win the Kentucky Derby had come down with the trap Levada brought his only sprint race of his career only race of seven that he actually sprinted

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