Ja Rule dismissed from $100M lawsuit brought by Fyre Festival attendees


The American rapper Joe rule has been cleared of wrongdoing in relation to the ill fated fire festival he had been the co defendant in a hundred million dollar class action in New York City board bite festival attendees who argued that he bought tickets to the event because of post on his social media accounts to Milford has more it's been cold the ultimate millennial scam and has been the focus of two documentaries in two thousand seventeen more than five thousand people bought tickets to a luxury music festival on the private island of the lake drug kingpin Pablo Escobar with tickets costing up to twelve thousand dollars they expected son Danzig and social media ready snaps in front of some of the biggest music stars in the world instead they got cold cheese sandwiches and sold mattresses in Bailey habitable tense the five festival made fools out of thousands but not a New York court has declared because of rapid jaw rules involvement he co founded the festival with the now convicted scammer Billy McFarland who was found guilty of wire fraud in two thousand eighteen and is serving six years in prison John rule has always argued he too was tricked by miss McFarland and according to John rules lawyer the ruling is nothing short of a complete vindication the plaintiffs have failed to convince the court that they had both tickets directly because of job role social media posts but the lawsuit continues as does the battle to compensate the festivals many victims Mr McFarland remains a

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