Terminator: Dark Fate


Davis Italian. Res- Gabriel Luna Diego Benita directed by Tim Miller. This is the now plan co host who loves it when it rains naked ladies Arnie Stewart no no faith but what we make Marjorie and welcome back to genesis to wait. What the hell happened Liz? It I knew we were faded that we would be reviewing another terminator donator movie. Now I thought at the time it would be genesis two electric Bogu but no we're at our what third reboot of Terminator. Here's what's interesting. I went back and listened to where old shows and we were all fairly excited about the promise that genesis lead. We had a difference of opinion. You guys ultimately gave Green Arrows and I was like this is not enough but I felt like they were setting themselves up to do something different next time and that difference is what I was looking for so we were all I think on board for going with Amelia Clark and Jason Clark and what they were trying to set up here I guess it's only because the box office was so bad on that one. They thought we need to scrap that. Here's what James Cameron said. He's come out and publicly publicly. been positive about most of the Terminator Films. Because he's good friends with Arnold and he wants to support with Arnold was doing okay but James Cameron did not support any of these terminator films and doesn't really like them despite what he said to be positive. Okay and then the rights reverted. They've been passed around company to company. Remember Company bought so they could make rise of the machines and Then what bankrupt out totally many many owners foster parents Galore well. There's this thing going on right right now. Worth a lot of the eighties hits the reason we don't have another Friday. The thirteenth is there is some law that the original writer regains copyright of their characters characters after X. number of years which is why Sean Cunningham and the person credited with writing Friday the thirteenth are in court right now arguing over who owns Jason and that same law meant Kamran now owns terminator again and that means something to me. James Cameron coming back is a draw. I have liked every movie. He's is directed to completion and a few of the films that he was just serving a screenwriter. Strange Days Alito Battle Angel. That came out this year. I thought that was good. James Cameron is quality quality. Control if he's coming back. My ears perk up. A big draw for me was having Linda Hamilton back. I thought she was really great. And One and two and what I had heard was Edward. Furlong was back. I didn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger was back. That was. We'll talk about that when we get into the story except you were excited at all for this movie. No I wasn't I was going in jaded and cynical. I completely admit that I was Kinda dragging my feet. I thought Linda Hamilton coming back. Might make it kind of cool and I. I was pleasantly surprised. Well I would say Linda. Hamilton comes back brings up issues as she time traveling because we know from T. Three. She died of cancer and so are they going to do some kind of weird time shift to make that happen or are they going to do the idea of look we we all know the only to you care about over the first two and worth literally throwing away everything else that's been done into the garbage. Earning it sounds like that's Cairns opinion opinion. That's what he wanted to do. Yeah I think that's the new reboot isn't it. I mean they did it with Halloween to great success. They're looking at okay. We can't can't remake the originals. People love the originals but we could just obliterate all the forgettable sequels and bring back original creators original cast and continue. Can you from where a previous one left off and audiences rolled with Halloween twenty eighteen. Then Cameron's let's do that with Terminator Dark Fate here. It's not an alternate turn it time. Line the alternate time line is where any of those other movies especially salvation existed. This is a direct sequel to Terminator Two. That was in all the press. I red they were making it very clear. Those other films are no longer Canon and same with Sarah Connor chronicles and yet in order for it to really feel like the part three. See that I've wanted guy would want cameron going full on and directing. He's still off on Pandora allegedly making Avatar sequels and he passed off these. He's duties to Tim Miller. Who I like? He did the first deadpool film. He's a visual effects. Guy Who hasn't directed very much but he worked the second unit on thor the dark world and he did some of the facts on Scott Pilgrim. I get yeah you guys. Bigger dead will fans than I am. But you're fans of that character deadpool because someone directed that doesn't necessarily mean that they're James Cameron. You know what I mean like. There's reason to be concerned that we're in not the same hands as the maker of terminator and T to I could understand that but yes cameron is off making those Pandora. Sequels equals and spending a lot more money than this movie cost to make and he was an active producer. He discussed how when he and Tim Miller were editing. Thing this film it left blood on the walls from the creative differences interesting. This final cut feels compromised and someone is unhappy. Yes and I think it's probably ably to Miller who is unhappy because Cameron got in there. And Yeah. If you're in a battle James Cameron for Hollywood clout. I would think that you're going to lose. Here's here's what James Cameron said is with a legal battle. Angel Robert Rodriguez was constantly. Like I want to make the movie you would make James. James is like I don't want you to do that. I want you to go make your movie with dark fate. It was the exact opposite. Tim billers like James. I don't care what you would've made. This is my movie and James Cameron's like well. I do know a thing or two about the terminator later. So we're GONNA listen to me interesting interesting. I notice there is a lot of people credited on the script. Not only is Cameron. Got A story credit. Had IT and I'm sure Miller at his involvement but yeah there are three screenwriters and three other people credit on the story and they were working on this this for a long time. They knew they wanted to terminate her before they knew what story they wanted to tell. Yeah trying to bring back a franchise. Now that is what thirty five five years old. Yeah I did see this twice. Listen I'm not a fan of Kanye West and I'm not a religious man so why the Fuck Fuck Kanye West. Jesus is king movie. Got A piss all over the I max theater at our town for a full fucking day is beyond me but this did not not get. It's Thursday preview screening. I Max because of Conway Oh I was wondering that I always tried. If it's coming in I max. That's usually the format that I'll try to get in. I actually am a Kanye West van. I probably would have gone to that but I didn't realize that had happened. Listen I like what is it stronger that song but that's about out all I like from that was mostly death funk at that so yeah you don't like Khania that's fine. We're not here to talk about Connie and he's a difficult person to like. I say that qualified but anyway that does explain why I had to go to a Friday matinee to see it in I max yet. We went to the Thursday night premiere and at a regular screening in a path full theater. Yeah I guess there were seats between us and the people next to us. We went to the recliner theater because that is now my favorite theater but we did see this then and I went back the next day being terminator being time loops. I thought maybe I'd have to really examine this. I didn't and a half to. It's a pretty simple film overall so I went back the next day just to see the I max experience and I picked a seat just by luck three away from you Stewart Stewart. Yeah Yeah we do see together and usually when we do that. We tried to withhold our opinions. We try not to say what we're thinking. We'll make small talk as we make our way to the car but then there was somebody outside the line for the seven o'clock show was like what did you guys think. And we said and wow diverging opinion. We ended up having this show in the parking lot. Now it was cool. I was in short sleeves. I was shivering and chattering but man did we have it out. Sorry if you get but it was worth it because I really had to hold you to why you felt. Can I just go ahead and say you. Can this movie in your opinion matches the original of Terminator Yours excited watching this movie as you are the one thousand nine hundred eighty four movie. Oh more excited watching this one. I really you watched Terminator One and two before this. I did not rewatch three four five but I did rewatch one and two coming into this and for its time. Terminator was great. But it's time was forty years ago. I think if you want that story in the most exciting and best looking way possible. Oh that's this movie interesting theory. I disagreed with you vehemently in the parking lot and probably will on this show. I also think the public is disagreeing with you Arnie in order for audiences to actually make that decision. I think they have to see this movie. You can't make the decision while sitting at home and not going which most people are doing or at least. They're not showing that they're very excited about returning box offices low. This thing is not going to open much. Bigger than twenty five million and it will be a struggle to even gain the eighty million. That genesis made. Let me point out though with some problems with the release timing of this one. That came out on Halloween. Your e kind of want to see a horror movie. You don't WanNa see an action action movie well. Terminator one was a version of Halloween. I felt like it had a stalker element to it. But I know what you mean it did. I don't consider it. A horror movie always considered it like a sci Fi action movie so it was on Halloween. The Midwest got.

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