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Fans we've got a great show for you a lot to talk about Lot to talk about including this amazing Wnba finals series that we're getting right ahead to a game five that's right I haven't heard day five between the Washington mystics in the Connecticut Spun will take place Thursday eight PM. ESPN two series has shifted back to Washington each team has one on each other's home court so that really has it been a factor we'll talk about that we're also going to talk about the drama in La a lot going on there so recent comments by the NBA Players Association I don't know if she CEO President one of those Michelle Roberts has sparked a lot of conversation we'll get into that and I'm yeah whatever else we've talked about well first of all DEB I just want to ask you because we covered allow last podcast you weren't here you didn't even get to number one address your Vegas team that you picked to win the championship and why they're not here you're in all the drama with Liz us you didn't even get to comment on that would you care. Is there anything you want to address from the semi finals the Erica shot like you just totally have been absent I really have let's see I for one I still oh dear dinner for her shot and keeping alive just long enough to make it past y'all teams you tell picked the beginning of the season so at the end of the day really taking her to dinner Garretta when you're in Chicago let me know I got you love the list trash talk that you know it's really exciting really being what would the weight room thing do for us you were on the other team like Oh yeah I it was a I think it was poor timing however I live for stuff like that so I've had I was thoroughly enjoying the comments because I am the Queen's trash talking so I enjoyed it I don't think it was the property the time that that fire DC up to be honest Yeah I I don't think it was the right time for it but I mean I like the trash talking I mean I I'm pretty sure didn't Natasha Clouds Day she guarantees the wind Thursday I'm here for all of his arms well let me just say this real quick like honestly not tweeted this yesterday this is just a little prayer by listening we're going to get into the hardcore seven-minute but this trash talkers the thing has started to get a little bit I tweeted this because I think I heard Jasmine Thomas in what was it Oh yes the game the presser after game four she was like you know people were thinking we're GonNa roll over like basically responding to a question about the get to the championship and I'm like who still saying stuff about Connecticut like I am all for the disrespect campaign because I think it's fueled their players is fire them up uh I'm just speaking of someone who would played on the other team like I'm a little bit over like Courtney Williams saying I get any shot I want to like if I'm your teammate I'm like dude food chill with that because the game three she actually didn't get every shot she wanted to you know what I mean like you gotTa be real careful about the trash-talk stuff because you said you can fire team up I think Connecticut completely fired up about things that people were saying July like please resurrected if that's we do but I don't think anyone has really questioned in being a championship contender in at least the last month and a half now the way they've done it yes I mean did I think La was win again yeah but I just don't know there's just so much I don't know about that now the role player comment that came out was definitely ember that was not in July and when you look at the national coverage if you will about who decidedly was supposed to win aw nobody picked Connecticut I know here espn all of our analysts who decided to make a prediction predicted that it would be Washington so I don't think the deal would that's that's very listen that's still very relevant that people pick Washington because we have a game by like that you have won anything yet you know what I'm saying like I don't know I don't think I picked La to make it. I Don I bic La to make it past Connecticut so but no but they didn't know that Ah I mean I think as a player as a as a player I think that you don't say that out loud you may say it on the court and you may talk to you you know like the teams but saying it you know in the media is always smart 'cause they just give you know like fuel to the other team I think you have to be smart with your trash talking but as a fan I'm enjoying it so much more exciting so I'm I'm here for it I just feel bad that jasmine had to arrest that at this point like they've already won two games in the finals or going to a game five she's still talking about people thinking that they were GonNa roll over like I seen that but I get what you're saying about the role players commentary go which okay that's fine but they've been doing a lot more out here than that it's brilliant it's entertaining I just get worried we're people start doing too much happened because I know what that does the other team you know what I mean like Liz campaigns now knows what that does to the other team like you just need to you need to stay humble because it was dying to Rasi they had to shut Courtney Williams down two years in a row because she got a little bit out of pocket and I love Corny I've covered her since her US days I think she is great for the game I'm loving all the coverage of her and her dad is like dream dad right like he is down he is like supporters aw I'm all here for this to be real careful in this league honey because people never forgets no and you're gonna hear about it later so they better back then yeah you sure will and with that let's talk about let's go into our first quarter so we can talk about something and I'm Connecticut WanNa forget this quarter An- that is game three they wanNA forget that because they latorre L- game three on on Sun a Sunday so just like a quick recap on that so that we can get into what was a phenomenal game for Connecticut Lost Ninety four eighty one on Sunday they look like a very different team I'm just the game before John Clo- Jones had a stellar performance thirty two and eighteen but Sunday came around the MVP returned for one. Washington didn't really look I thought she looked stiff personally didn't think that she moved very well but it Kinda didn't matter she still finished with thirteen points six board she's still played twenty six minutes and whether you've got her for ten percent or one hundred percent you still got a garter you still got to worry about her she's still going to impact Act anybody that is going to have to face her so with that Connecticut was looking at a losing home court or had lost court advantage heading in to gain four they were down in the series two one but last night was a tale of two teams they started the game out firing on cylinders I mean they put together quite a first half performance on they led by as much as eighteen points they were up fifty six to forty at the half and so four we go into the second half of of how that game turned out I'm right after the halftime I'm sorry right before Halftime me Williams actually stopped for a moment to chat with our Holly Rowe and she spoke a little bit about why her team was so energized etiquette game five Thursday Courtney Williams doing her best to make that happen holly according to your defensive commitment is completely different tonight why did you change what did I tell you gotTa Win I you know I was a little bit off last game all back against the wall can't take no plays off you already got more is confidence and guess what she has the game back it up 'cause she doesn't need a screen she don't need anybody step up and do anything for her she could go get shots what she wants them now I thought we were talking about three looks like we're talking about gay four now yeah we're not gonNA spend too much time on game three that's because one we are limited on our time on this podcast right now and number two because Connecticut Connecticut Fan so we're moving fast at eight Dave I'll let you start which you think I thought in game force initially I mean Connecticut had great energy and you clearly saw that this was a deciding game and they do that and that's how they came out and they came out ready and but I also felt like DC they didn't look like themselves in the first half they're known for moving the ball really well in and getting good shots making the right pass and it felt like in the first half they were playing hon of one on one and not moving like they do in making extra passes and it showed because they weren't getting shot and when you're playing a team Connecticut who's great in transition you have to be able to put the ball in the basket and slow them down so I felt like you know Connecticut was able to really do what they wanted to do in the first half but then being a vet- team DC came back out in the second half and just knew what they have to do in turn the tables and we're able to

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