Martin Scorsese Discusses 'The Irishman'


Big happening right now is Martin. Scorsese's the Irishman which to me is the best movie that you can see out out there this year and so it's my pleasure to sit here and talk with the man himself. Mr Martin Scorsese. We've taken a field trip. We've come to your screening room tasers. I've seen so many films. Yes and it's always a treat. It's here where you show all the marvel films. Yes yes. I'm getting a bigger screen. It's it's going to exactly exact- pitching the sound system. That God will you get a lot of flack from that. He's do you care the s in the sense that I know those pictures. Some of the people making them To beautiful work and I really mean that I know what goes into that stuff The amount of work the amount of artistry that goes into a lot of it. I just find that ultimately for me. There was concern when I did Irishman for Netflix as possibly Altering or affecting in a negative way to theatrical experience. There is because Netflix only gives you a couple of weeks in about three weeks on this one. The problem here was that I pointed out that that I've made a number of pictures that only last week and a half in the theater. Anyway King of comedy was considered the flop of the year and entertainment it now button. Oh Okay so you said that and also having pointed at that No studio in Hollywood would make the picture. A netflix stepped up and it was a trade off or tradeoff. Have two three four weeks in a theater. Stays in a theater meantime and streamed so this is the way this picture had to be made eight when when issues he does really say. I'm not GONNA do this. Yes they give a reason for it. Yeah in a couple of reasons. There's period of nine years. One of the reasons was who's you know the the gotTa say that it's delicate issue but you know the box offices the names. Oh no well of course you had nobody in it. Well that's Al Pacino. They're saying at this time it really wants to see this kind of thing Having said that having said that there was also the issue that Heft Mo- almost half the picture they younger and they couldn't play younger and then we had the CGI come in And that's costly. That's cost and it was an experiment. You know it was an experiment so afraid of that no I know but but people have to give you money they they they have a right to question Mardi millions of dollars sure. Are you sure. Yeah absolutely but the thing about it too. Is that if that made me then think about what is theatrical experience when I was accused of of endangering at the ethical experience by by making this film at Net flicks And then I looked at the theaters and most of the theaters are playing superhero films. I said so. What's left? Do we have any theaters left for a movie. You know I mean the other movies that fine. It's it's it's not my thing and I I I. I tried over the years to watch some of the stuff and I lost interest a great deal of interest but in any event So at it's time for us to think about what constitutes cinema. Well now the idea that we talked about this over the years the idea of people watching the movie that you've you've made me the Irish epic and size. It just is so to watch it on my phone on my smartphone. That seem very small that I thought I certainly I could make I made a film. I made the past twenty some odd years. I made films both for television and for in terms of the screen size and the theater never for a phone. I don't know how to do it. I wish I could well. You don't have anything they take it and reduce use it so no I don't get it to light and I mean I know but films will be made for phones saying so even if they're not because that's where they can eventually wind up. Well I would suggest if you WANNA see one of my pictures on most films please. Mardi Mardi will phone an IPAD big IPAD. Maybe you know. But the essential thing and it goes to the Irishman to me completely lately. The last time that we talked about this kind of thing was the departed and win the Oscar. It lasts fortnum. Did so on predicting another but you know so what you know if you lose. Iou Twenty five cents so you have to pay up. I know people you know. Go People Deniro you but I still think people unless they have a gigantic screen. Their thing they have then the decision and making to decide to go to the bathroom or tickets his three and a half hours long. Yes so they can say well. I mean yeah I understand that too. I one of the things about a film three and a half hours in what this Netflix venue afforded us was. I wasn't sure about how should I put it. four theaters for home viewing wing Looking at it in sections looking at it for the end looking at the end I and going back to the beginning. It's kind of a picture. I think I find that when and I was running it here in this room I saw you know I have to see the whole thing again to figure out and after the first five minutes I was enjoying watching it now. I'm not saying because all I made it just it was an interesting Interesting a narrative structure and it got me involved each time. And so I I in a funny way I think I made it To cover all the bases in terms of how you can watch this picture. Ideally like you to go to a theater look at it on a big screen from beginning to end and and I know it's long because you gotta get up. You have to go to the bathroom and that sort of thing I get it but Also at home I think if you can make a night of it or after noon thereof you know and know that you're not going to answer the phone or you're not going to get up to much might work that's very often and you lose to me. You lose what you see by seeing a movie on a screen and you're in there and there are people with you like Sunset Boulevard. All those wonderful people out there in the dark are actually watching. That's right you right heart of the experience of Dino I wanna go we and changed that I know and it's going that's what's happening. That's what's happening so I took this chance to make a picture knowing that in my other films do like Ugo should be seen in three D Rarely is shown in three not particularly seeing it on TV now. So I know that it's going to have a subsidiary life in a sense or an ancillary life here. I said let's embrace that right away and let's see what happens. There are many ways to look at this film. I think

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