New Report: Whistleblower spoke to White House staff before filing report


Opinion president trump continues to go after the whistle blower and fight the impeachment inquiry launched by house Democrats now there's a new twist with the whistle blower report at the center of the investigation a new report says the whistle blower may have spoken to intelligence committee staffers before filing that report yet is that bring the whistle blowers credibility now into question let's get into that live with A. B. C. news crime and terrorism analyst Brad Garrett Brad what do you think does this make the whistle blower look like this person had more of an agenda I guess. no I think if you exclude the intelligence community the whistle blowing statute is really written it so that people can go directly to Congress because it's the intelligence community situation and they have a separate process where they at hours are supposed to reported to the inspector general of the intelligence community what's a whistleblower ultimately did I think the concern was the whistleblower apparently goes to and the presumption is this person works the CIA goes to CI a general counsel who then calls the White House in and talk to the lawyers the White House and so I think the whistleblower then panicked and rightly so that now. the information is going directly to where the information came from allegedly and so I think the whistle blowers trying to figure out the white right way to do it I will tell you both the way this this complaint is written this was a blur knows exactly what he or she is doing this is well documented it's corroborated the best they can corroborate it I think they witness the witness may be some things that are very limited fashion but then she here she then corroborates this information through their contacts both in the White House in in the intelligence community I was gonna say this is lead you to believe that the whistle blower has an intelligence background them. I don't think there's any doubt about it I mean what is supposedly the whistle blower used to work in a White House in the past and it it assuming they work at the CIA than they were must've been detailed there for some skill they had so of so you know that this is a situation where we collectively spent a lot of time arguing about you know the the what is this and what is that and set aside a total letting the system you know may have this make its way through the system now I realize the president is sort of blowing it up emotionally everyday that creates a problem as to what's fact and what's fantasy but you know this is not going to be an easy road for the with the for the whistle blower however comes out now it is and I was reading a staff that that eighty percent of whistle blowers have trouble finding jobs in the future I'm sure that's true GOP senator rand Paul agrees with the president believing that this person's identity should be revealed because of the gravity of the of these claims doesn't the president have the right to know was accuser. yes so I I guarantee you he knows who the accuser is that used to work at the White House so I think that's all fantasy he doesn't know that the point being is if if you if you short circuit the system like this the senator is suggesting then you sort of destroyed the whole idea was blowers I mean the idea is people come for because they either have directly witnessed or have direct knowledge of wrongdoing you know most of this takes the turn of it either Frogger people stealing classified information or whatever it might be it this is a whole different animal because I don't think we've ever had a whistle blower situation that leads to the White House and so I I I I know I do not think that they should be handled just like it's supposed to be handled which is let the system go through it let Congress take a look at it let them decide you know it doesn't have merit or does it not Brad you have a an investigatory and analysts background are there is a battery questions that maybe you ask are you look into a bin and inquire of the whistle blower to check the veracity of those claims of course and I'm going to assume that the inspector general for the inspector for the intelligence community has already done some of this because he he's not going to take on face value this complaint he investigated it and found it credible which means he then went to sources but this this was a war has talked to to corroborate yes I told the whistle blower X. I told the XO it was a war why so there's already been I'm I'm sure a bunch of corroboration me tell you this was a blower. you know cover their you know covered in corroborated I think their tracks the best they could begin bay only based on how this complaint is written but it's fairly impressive from this from the vantage point that you know others clearly have not been this thorough or well thought out before they were

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