Republican Party, California and Trump discussed on Retirement Ready with Tony Frake


Sameday where the republican party is in third place behind democrats and independents john cox the republican candidate made it onto the ballot with general election california you know has unusual primary system and the top two votegetters go to the general election regardless of their party while the republican was close to making that but two things happened trump endorsed him tweeted for it and the democrat attacked him gavin newsom saying oh this guy's just a republican conservative in other words the democrat was trying to handpick his his candidate so that's good news for republicans and a bit of a surprise we're live with abc news political analyst alleys castellano son wtmj new jersey's also a big state in this whole midterm thing in the quest by democrats you flip the house of representatives isn't it it is and again the democrats there did the same thing they've done around the country it appears that the democrats nominees for congress are not the bernie sanders radical elizabeth warren wings the democrats are trying to pick disciplined moderate the more centrist candidates in new jersey the democrats again got what they needed the surprising new jersey senator bob menendez who'd had scandal issues got a close call from a challenger the democratic primary who didn't spend a dime against him so weakness there on the part of the democratic senator bob menendez got five months left until we go to the general election in november alex as long as the economy keeps chugging along really what's what's going to change.

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