G-III Apparel Group (GIII) Q1 2019 Earnings Conference Call Transcript -- The Motley Fool


In the year and buy back their own stock so as the head winds as the winds of sentiment shift in the markets are research helps us by into specific areas of the market that are gaining momentum with these shifts and sell out of areas that are losing momentum do you know one of the things we said this little earlier in the program we're cautiously optimistic about what's going on and yet as we all know we've had our own clients coming in and saying well this is all true you know they cut the corporate tax rate earnings look looking good you got stock buybacks which is always good for the stock market why is the stock market not going up i mean the last time i looked year to date at least half the stock indexes were negative so that's the question people are asking and of course there are some headwinds that may be holding it down like the tariff situation perhaps some fear mad of some the things you talked about in the first segment you know having to do with what the central banks are the feds always on the people's right are well some of those concerns like we said have eased inflation concerns and geopolitical but something i'll tell our clients is that market's been always two steps forward one back and when it goes along without having that one back it it wants it you know people get nervous institutional high traders wanna take profits off the table so won't we had gone about like you said mike about eighteen months without even a correction a ten percent allback back so it was overdue here's what's interesting though on a macro level the stock market also likes to take one step back every now and then in the form of a market crash rose bull markets last four or five years and then a needs to take that one step back we haven't had that in nine years so there's a lot of good things going on we're still very optimistic about what we're seeing in the economy but this market is long in the tooth and at some point it's going to take that one step back and every recession was preceded by a booming economy so at some point in the future no matter how good things are things are getting ahead into solves.

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