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K rat terrier one fourteen show dogs that was inside the van when thieves stole it from a parking lot on wednesday afternoon in redding california a tip about twenty hours later led police to a wooded area several miles away officers found the van with all fourteen dogs inside the dogs were dehydrated but doing okay stressful because i just wanted to see her since i got the good news the girl's father is a professional handler and was on his way to a dog show near san francisco when the theft happened all of his equipment was stolen and his van is still down in california he's now trying to figure out how he's going to safely get the dogs to a show in twin falls idaho which begins on tuesday today protesters planning a rally in support of the mothers being held at the federal detention center in seatac advocates say mothers seeking asylum at the us mexico border were separated from their children brought to see tag along with a handful of other federal prisoners immigration and customs enforcement say it needs the additional space because of a spike in a legal border crossings and the trump administration's new zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration komo news time now is thirty seven seattle mayor jenny durkan and more than twenty other mayors urging the federal government to reverse its new zero tolerance policy to prosecute all people who enter the us illegally that includes the forcible separation of migrant chill from their parents komatsu romero jerkin drafted a letter calling on the department of justice and homeland security to reverse the newly adopted policy durkan wrote quote both as a mayor and a mother i find the practice of indefinitely separating kids from their parents a repulsive policy inconsistent with our values as americans the letter goes on to say that dhs's separated seven hundred children from their family since october and the number of children in custody has grown by nearly two thousand in the past month alone at the annual meeting of the us conference of mayors mayor durkan plans to introduce an emergency resolution condemning the doj and dhs's extreme zero tolerance policy of separating children from their families at the border the letter was also signed by the mayors of olympia to kuala muckilteo chicago boston and washington d c romero komo news mill creek held in emergency meeting last night to address rumors on why the city manager is been a no show.

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