Journalist Amy Chozick on Recode Media: transcript


The refusal of attorney general jeff sessions who was also a clown with a capital k rosenstein stepped into the shoes of the he became the ag even though it's not a pointed out row by the president nor confirmed by the united states senate rosenstein provided the memo supporting the firing of combing rosenstein is the guy that said komi must be fired now he appoints a special counsel robert muller to investigate gate guess what the firing of james call me that he wanted to be done and acting as if the president of shrug to justice by doing what he asked the president to do which is far james combing this is unbelievable it was also rosenstein who approved the rating of the home of paul manafort at four ten am in the morning for alleged financial crimes that took place twelve years ago he also approved the raid on cohen's office hotel room and his house a measure that was sure to draw great public publicity the president's new lawyer rudolph giuliani i'm not sure if he's doing the president go to rail but he's getting out the idea that the stormy daniels payment was done in order to save the president some embarrassment relative to his wife also it appears likely it's even george stephanopoulos pointed out this morning in a rare moment of lucidity the stephanopoulos said when when talking about slimy michael evans isn't it true that cohen paid a bunch of women off that would seem to indicate the president did not have a political motive that's a motive might have been embarrassment to his wife and daughter and to his stepchildren doors grandkids that's possibly what the president was doing when he did this i'll put to the side the immorality of having sex with porn stars so i think trump had sex with a porn star named stormy daniels about eleven years ago i would say probably but i don't know for sure and frankly my dear i don't give a damn.

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