Tallahassee police raid apartment of Florida State Seminoles quarterback Deondre Francois, no arrest made


Orlando sentinel florida state quarterback andre francois spent the last two months under surveillance by the tallahassee police department because someone convinced them he was selling weed oh boy because what everybody's gonna go back to the team it's winston thing and everybody's going to go back to all its jameis winston two point oh listen to this so after the tipster went to the tallahassee police department with their theory back in february there was a two month investigation by the tpp that they went through francois's garbage and they went through some stuff to see if he was selling we well apparently after they felt like they got enough of enough evidence to get a subpoena and go break in and searches apartment they found seventeen grams just over half an ounce and for those that don't know in states where lee weed is legal it's it's pretty normal for somebody to carry a full ounce per person that's the you know so it was less than that so they've got a little back back explaining to do i think the tipster set him up apparently the tallahassee police department was by some tipster somebody guaranteed it was a gator fan i was probably hurricane fan trying to get the andrea francois kicked off the team belt head coach willie taggart says he's still on the team but you know what it's not surprising that he's using smoking we because he's got that tendon tear could remember that he suffered the play in the alabama game took him down so hopefully he's recovering back in and i don't want to give to dictate or anything because you wanna stay off the weed i am with stephen smith on this stay off the we'd do not get addicted but apparently for people that are a massive pain it's an acceptable l a lot of people that get on that you know say it helps so i i'm not going to get into the we debate in my side of it you know what if it's very very small control amounts and it helps it you're okay but the sentinel article says after the cops figured out they had wasted their time they went.

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