IMF: Trade tensions threaten strong global growth


Us and global economies is being predicted by the international monetary fund the imf predicts the us economy will grow two point nine percent this year up from the two point seven percent it had forecast in january and up from twenty seventeen two point three percent growth the lending agencies says the us academy will enjoy a boost through twenty twenty from tax cuts president trump signed into law in january it's keeping its forecast for worldwide growth this year at three point nine percent which would be the fastest pace since twenty eleven the imf chief economist warns though that the prospect of an escalating trade conflict threatens to undermine confidence and derail global growth prematurely meteorite fragments are compelling evidence of a lost planet from our solar system according to a study published tuesday a meteorite crashed in sudan's nubian desert in october two thousand eight researchers from switzerland france and germany examined diamonds found incited and concluded that they were most likely formed by proto planet at least four and a half billion years ago scientists have long theorized that the early solar system once contained many more planets a meteorite expert at the university of muenster germany said the methods used for the study were sound and the conclusion was plausible but further evidence of sustained high pressure would be expected to be found in the minerals surrounding the diamonds china says it will allow full foreign ownership in the auto industry as ap correspondent charlesdale desma reports the move ends restrictions that helped to fuel its escalating dispute with president trump and strained relations with other trading partners the change would scrap rules that require global automakers to work through local state owned partners an arrangement the forces them to share technology with potential competitors his unclear whether that might help to mollify trump who threatened hike tariffs on as much as one hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods in response to complaints beijing pressures foreign companies to hand over technology i'm charlesetta desma i don't have.

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