Can you motivate without throwing money at people?


Translator it helped me understand what my wife saying to me by the way i know is not listening right now the one caveat to this strategy by the way is that it does reduce the benefit from tax deferred comp pounding growth to overcome this the ideal approaches to actually to preserve the tax benefits chal retirement accounts by adding systematic partial roth conversions in the early years moving pretax ira money to a roth ira now again folks i i know this is sounding a little technical and i'm trying to keep it as simple as i can but the end result of this approach is that the taxable brokerage account we'll still be depleted in the first half of retirement most of the time then in the second half of retirement your tax rate isn't driven up because distributions are are partially supported from this newly created roth ira that you created by doing what we sometimes call partial roth conversions where you converted a pretax ira to roth but you gotta do it in the right amount to make this work.

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