Indiana teacher who tackled shooter scheduled to speak


Credited with saving lives after tackling that shooter inside noblesville west middle school on friday morning now article griffin joins us live this morning in noblesville with the very latest nicole good morning lord and meredith good morning while there is no school here at noblesville high school today because it is memorial day but there is a sectional baseball game happening today where seventh grade noblesville west middle school teacher jason semen will be honored there at that game that starts at ten o'clock but before that there will be a press conference being held in this we are first time hearing from hence the tragic shooting friday morning at noblesville west middle school seaman and a thirteen year old student ella whistler were both injured in that shooting when a male student entered that science class of firing shots and that's the gators in students day seaman through basketball at that shooter and then tackled him to the ground siemens mother says he was shot three times he was then hospitalized but has been released and you see here on this photo he is now recovering even speaking with congresswoman susan brooks on saturday again that press conference is happening at nine o'clock today that baseball game is at ten o'clock we are told that they will be selling t shirts there as a a fundraiser at the baseball game today and the proceeds will go all to both victims ella whistler and the teacher jason semen reporting live in noblesville nicole griffin tv six nicole there's thank you so much ella raines hospitalized this morning and now as those donations continue to flood in more than ninety thousand dollars has been raised on a gofundme a fundraiser for the victims if you'd like to donate we have links up on the indie channel dot

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