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Thanks for calling in as always thanks for it's calling a pleasure in as having always you on the it's air a pleasure and having you i on hope the the air and listeners i hope are learning the a lot listeners are learning from a the lot segments with you from the segments thank you with so much look forward every time we get a chat everybody being jose amnesty if family commits and a legal action such as say breaking into an amusement park and they are discovered with the police arrest and expel them from the from the park only the parents allow the children remain in the park with the whole family be put in the same jail cell or would the children be placed under the guardianship of a family services agency it till due process has been fully navigated what has happened with immigration illegal alien breaking into our country illegally a crime has been committed and so during the process the due process that follows there's going to be some separation obviously we're going to try not to do that as much as possible much as possible but the left they but tried the to left play on they emotion tried to play on emotion so they're going to do everything they can so they're gonna to do make everything it look they like can it's a separation to make it of look families like a this separation is horrible of families thing this is horrible thing they put out an image they of put children out an image sleeping of a in children a cage sleeping in a which cage it turns out the photo which it came turns from out two thousand the photo fourteen came from during two thousand the obama fourteen administration during the obama administration but they're trying to do everything they can but they're trying pull to on everything your heart they can strings to pull and the on reason your heart why is strings because they're losing and the reason why on is this because issue they're losing on and this they issue know it and they and know so they're it doing everything they and can so they're doing to regain everything they can on your heartstrings to regain get on your you heartstrings all upset get so that you all you can upset say okay so that you just can let say the okay children just in let the children and in i'm here to tell you and i'm here to tell the crime you was committed the crime was committed a crime was a crime committed was the whole committed the whole and the thing is and this whole the thing children is separated this whole from children their family separated controversy from is their no family more than attempt controversy for the democrats is no more through than your attempt emotions for the as democrats i said through your emotions but not as only i said that but also but not only that but it's also an attempt to it's an attempt to get amnesty get amnesty and what we've been seeing by the republicans and what we've been lately seeing by as the the amnesty republicans lately amnesty offerings offerings because some reason there because for some is reason goes back to there the first hour is goes back they're to the afraid first hour they're afraid they're fearful they're fearful now president trump now is no pushover president trump and is no i pushover think and and i think that there's more to this than that what we see there's on more the surface to this than what i think we see he's on using the surface this strategy i think he's using and this easel strategy allowing i think this easel to kind of allowing go the way it's this going to right kind of now go the because way it's going he right now is because actually forcing he is the democrats actually to forcing doubled down the democrats on what beats to double them down on what beats them he has heard them into he screaming has heard for an them even into more screaming extreme for position an even more extreme than position what the ryan amnesty than plan what the.

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