US Navy drafts plans to house 100,000 immigrants


The newsroom from the bbc world service on thursday the pentagon said it had been asked to prepare beds for up to twenty thousand immigrant children now it's been reported that the us navy is working on plans to house more than one hundred thousand immigrants on its base is a draft mellow obtained by time magazine outlines plans to build temporary and austere ten cities at abandoned airfields in alabama as well as proposals for two camps at naval facilities in california the news came as president trump went on the political offensive forming his policy you over child separations he hosted an event at the white house for families who lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants you hear the other side you'd never hear this side these are the american citizens permanently separated from their loved ones the word permanently being the word that you have to think about permanently they're not separated for a day or two days they are permanently separated because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens these are the families the media ignores they don't talk about him we call these brave americans the angel families angel moms angel pops pizza the angel families one of those who made the president was laura wilkinson he's eighteen year old son josh was murdered we wanna tell you a little bit today about josh he was brutally tortured and strangled over and over his last hours or was brutal as everyone standing up here none of our kids had a minute to say goodbye we were lucky enough to be separated for five days or ten days were separated permanently at the same time is touting his tough border policy president trump's urge republican politicians to abandon their efforts to pass legislation on the matter until after the midterm elections in november i go the latest from our washington correspondent kris buckler has to be said that this week donald trump has had to reverse one of his major policies this idea of separating migrant parents from their children in the past the white house did talk about it as being the taranto low thought of course since being denied in some respects but it's on record and he has given every indication in the last twenty four hours to do so to reverse that policy has gone against his natural instincts and by sharing not stage with families who had relatives killed by emigrants he's a sensually sending on a message that he believes immigration laws need to be tougher and also sending a message that as far as he's concerned if there is going to be a fight in the next election that's coming up then as far as he's concerned and in those congressional elections he believes his supporters are gonna balk him on this divisive issue over the border at the same time we're hearing more details about plans by the us military to house migrants on its basis but so far nothing about how those children already separated will be reunited with their families the and frankly we've talked about this this week it is a mess for the white is for the government more generally partly because parents and children are being held by different departments the plans for families to be held together that's going to be looked after by third departments fundamentally at the moment there are people who are waiting to find out just what's going to happen to them they are waiting for prosecutions to appear in court and their children are being held in different facilities so reuniting news families is fundamentally quite difficult and again it comes down to this question of resources con america actually do it at this time every heard anything from the republican congressional leaders after donald trump told them not to continue working on their on their bill when he went even stronger than that didn't they he said not to waste the time anymore republicans themselves there are device divides inside dot com was well so you have some who are liberal and want to try and come up with a compromise bill bats what they've been working on and in fact they plan to try to bring it to vote but next week at the very latest the truth is is that there are some others who are backing president trump so i think you've still got the potential for a bit of a bottle inside the republican party itself over this divisive issue chris buckley in washington the immigration debate so far has largely focused on the us mexico border to the south but an incident on the canadian border has also sparked controversy at centers on.

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