In NY, 'The Simpsons' writer strikes comedic gold with behind-the-scenes patter


And i said they gave us four old white guys in the clinton i told through the word old in there to mike four old white guys in clinton and mike say and from the the way that it's shaping up in two twenty twenty the way the disabled up in twenty twenty we may have five old white guys in the clinton and right now there might be fifty five mike maybe one hundred and fifty five i can't keep track everybody's running for something it's a wide open race it's the wild wild west i'm still pulling for sexy sexy sexy martin o'malley to pull this thing out anyway we've got we've got folks in that group that pretend to be native american with elizabeth warren which i've stated on here donald trump calls her pocahontas i'm actually related to poke honest by genealogists not making this up as i love it i think it's it's it's awesome to to to look at your family history i love this stuff in fact i had a cousin that did a genealogy that that goes back to like the eleven hundreds or something fascinating stuff i love it pocahontas in the poyton her father the indian chief in our in our family tree fascinating i love it but elizabeth warren out there is actually claiming to be native american of course when she does people's caller pocahontas or is rush limbaugh calls her focus so i've i've said look if there's any question moving forward as we move into these campaigns and the issue of pocahontas comes up i of declared myself the official polka polka hannah's commoner so i will interject i'll be a spokesperson for the family and make sure that i'll let you know if something is considered racist because that's what we're told if someone calls her pocahontas simply to have a little fun with the fact that she considers herself native american.

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