What it's like to have hoarding disorder


For scrap so it became in many people's minds sort of tesla million dollar folly and unfortunately sometimes people will a sort of big nor what he did relative to actually giving us electric motors radio robots and remote control and sort of focus on this failure of not being able to bring wireless electricity throughout the planet that said i would argue that you know all inventors you know fail at some things i mean edison himself had in or mining technology that he thought would revolutionize the world it also went bust so part of the inventing process as you get some things right and some things wrong tesla just had the advantage of he got more things right than he did wrong and i understand that the fbi took an interest in his work and confiscated confiscated a lot of his machines and stored it away because the fbi worry that he would come up with a death ray of some sort that he talked about and so people today even today believe in conspiracy theories because the fact that tesla laboratories are even today top secret what are your thoughts there are conspiracy theories that abound in his later years to be honest when he's sort of went and between flashes of brilliance and times where he appeared quite senile tesla

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