The owner of the Red Hen explains why she asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave


I'm cheri small wbz news topping our news now the trump administration is rolling out a hotline help families reunited comes as parents desperately attempt to find their children cbs's steve futterman has more the department of homeland security last night released an update it says five hundred twenty two children have already been reunited with their parents another sixteen should be reunited by tonight but more than two thousand other children remain separated from their parents and there's no indication how long it will take to get all the families back together the department of homeland security says it knows the location of all children in its custody despite much criticism saying otherwise sarah huckabee sanders is the latest trump administration member to be asked to leave a restaurant because of who she works for correspondent angela anderson has more the white house press secretary posted on twitter friday that the owner of the red hen in lexington virginia astra to leave the restaurant because she works for president trump the owner of the restaurant stephanie wilkinson tells the washington post that several of her employees are gay and we're upset that sanders had defended the president's policies regarding lgbtq issues wilkinson says she took sanders assigned politely astra to leave which he did sandra saying on twitter she always treats people with respect even if she isn't being treated the same wilkinson says she has no regrets about her decision negotiations continue today between national grid and two unions representing twelve hundred gasline workers as wbz's bill marcus reports the gas line workers have authorized a strike when their contract expires at midnight tonight united steelworkers local twelve thousand twelve president john porna pony says his workers and those of local twelve thousand three object to national grid's plans to outsource the seventeen dollar an hour job of identifying underground gaslines for an apology says he also wants his workers to be covered by the unions pension plan not a proposed for a one k program we have a pension plan that we have sacrificed law for years we've taken low wages to keep that pension plan we believe it's the best way to provide security in retirement national grid in a statement says they're committed to negotiating in good faith bill marcus wbz newsradio ten thirty police in seekonk hoover searching for a suspect atta motel make an unexpected drug busts officers seized heroin and several hundred zanex pills that were hidden in the bed sheets cash in a loaded three sixty gun were also found the suspect wanted on a minor offence is now facing stiffer charges wbz news time now eleven oh three and time for traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes we check in once again with david drobny david how's it looking oh we have.

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