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In long beach california i'm jim roope at a rally in south carolina well it's happening president trump was talking tough on immigration again what about the thousands of people that have gone through this process that a waiting online to come into our country and then we're gonna let these people poor and we have no idea who they are the white house says the president's call to turn back immigrants at the border without seeing a judge does not define due process a couple of former presidents george h w bush and bill clinton had a nice chat today at the bush family's main retreat clinton is on a book tour and had time to stop by and see bush who must have been prepared for the visit because he was sporting a pair of socks with the image of clinton's face on the in the tweet bush said luckily i had a freshly laundered pair of bill clinton socks to mark the occasion our correspondent clayton neville also reports bush got a new service dog companion today it's a yellow lab named sully he was named after the heroic pilot who safely landed a plane on the hudson river in new york a few years ago i'm jan johnson have you tried that trendy new dating app you can have months of frivolous fun with.

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