UK lawmakers set to decide on Heathrow expansion


Probably the single most consequential impact segment interesting on that subject to central bank comments from the head of economics at the bs was telling central bankers essentially hold your nerve don't be put off by a little bit of a bumpy ride in markets if you're gonna if you're gonna increase interest rates go home go all right go ahead and do it right expecting that i think so i think some of them have no choice quite frankly i thought it was absolutely fascinating the of all the central bankers to sort of rally or or talk to the fed this time around it was india became came approach the fed and said can you slow down your process tightening it's getting it's getting to be a bit of a crunch and that i think is symptomatic of how important us policy is for other central banks around the world you know india is one of these economies that everyone has been sort of optimistic about has supposedly supposedly going to escape a lot of the weakness and yet that was the central banker that came to the fed to say hey can you slow down a little bit quick question is the feds when does the fed break the us economy is going to at some point what's the gap between the yield curve going flat and and us equities rolling over it's hard to say if the fed will allow it to happen i have i've been in this business for twenty years now and i've never heard so much focus on the yield curve in advance of it actually inverting including the focus at the fed so it's very rare that they experience we're going through right now where the fed is saying we don't want to invert the curve we're going to try not to invert the yield curve the sensitivity is extraordinary so i think you can't rule out the possibility that later this year the fed slows down precipitously in an attempt not to invert the yield curve they may let inflation move a little more look for the sevens ten spread i think guy this week could negative servants to turn i'm looking for one that might that might invert this week lovely to see you on the side of the atlantic thank you very much indeed for joining us gina martin adams is find out what the international headlines a little light his markus karlsson good morning guy a bloomberg investigation has found that hedge funds hide polling companies who sold them critical advance information or the eu referendum including data that would have been illegal for them to get to the public this allowed some of them too unfortunately by shortselling the british pound although confidentiality agreements have made it difficult to discover the identities of many of the hedge funds bloomberg has found at that at least a dozen were involved italy's prime minister just pay kante has warned that europe's borders free travel zone could be in danger if no solution is found found on the issue of migration if follows an informal meeting of e you leaders in brussels bloomberg's marine staus reports leaders agreed to strengthen the us border protection force and to speed up agreements with third countries for the repatriation of illegal immigrants into eu the leaders however to agree on how to allocate refugees internally and on stemming the flow of protection seekers from frontier eu countries to the more affluent gore including germany in brussels minds hose bloomberg daybreak europe national security adviser john bolton will this week lay the groundwork for a potential trump putin summit in july bloomberg's craig gordon says the us president has a lot to discuss with the russian leader you know issues like syria iran the middle east all these things every one of these things are vitamin putin has managed to insert himself a very important way and force the rest of the world to come to his door and get his help on these things donald trump has gone to the same and uk lawmakers will today vote on whether they back to the controversial plans for a third runway to be build that's london's heathrow airport the cabinet supports an expansion but a number of conservative and peace are opposing the proposals labor's ruth cadbury is echoing those concerns the risks great risk of nato challenge the restore major logistical difficulties it's the most expensive option that could possibly be the uk aviation and it won't even benefit the regions and.

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