Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll Celebrate 50-Year Wedding Anniversary at Burger King


Wait how things are working here's a here's a charming story this is a this is a feel good story i like the feel good stories on sunday night because we're getting ready for another week of work we've had a long week to we've hopefully enjoyed our weekend and we need something to feel good about we need to walk into monday with a smile on our face because most likely we're going to start frowny by monday afternoon but there's a good it's always good to start the week on a happy note this is beautiful a new jersey couple is maintaining their decades old tradition they celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary the other day the same place they celebrated their first wedding anniversary a burger king yes burger king lloyd and sandy howard wet in nineteen sixty eight and they say the whole tradition began because they were running late for a show on their first wedding anniversary they stopped at the restaurant for a quick bite and so they have been going to burger king every year for their anniversary and now they've celebrated their fifty i hope for their fiftieth anniversary he he went on the car i needed bundle things up for the value meal it doesn't say here what they had but they had some sort of a some sort of fun all right this very exciting eddie glendenning is in the studio he has arrived i'm going to give him a moment to catch his breath because i'm sure that uber driver has him all flustered as i would be if i if i was running late for somewhere so we will talk to edie who is starring in heartbreak hotel which is opening at the broadway play house june thirtieth we'll talk to edie in just a minute here on seven hundred twenty wgn this is a really strange weather system data this time of the year weather forecast with tom skilling as well organized what we call us an ethics geller largescale rain producing system superimposed on a summer moisture field.

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