Chuck Schumer makes a surprising statement about Maxine Waters' incitement of harassment


Intentionally draw maps to keep white republican candidates in office despite the explosive growth of hispanic voters but writing for the majority justice samuel alito wrote the evidence was insufficient to prove the legislature had acted in bad faith the high court's ruling eliminates the possibility that texas might be placed back under federal oversight through the voting rights act wade goodwin npr news dallas democratic leaders are condemning a public call from california congresswoman maxine waters for more public conference chaired confrontation towards trump administration officials waters comments coming is three trump administration officials recently denied service or forced out of restaurants npr susan davis has more house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer denounced any calls for public harassment although neither called out congresswoman maxine waters by name pelosi tweeted that any calls for uncivil behavior are unacceptable and schumer address it on the senate floor the best solution is to win elections that is a far more productive way to channel legitimate frustrations with this president's policies than harassing members of his administration president trump weighed in with another personal attack against waters calling her an extraordinarily low iq person and a warning of his own be careful what you wish for max susan davis npr news the capitol possible trade tariffs worried wall street to start the new week the dow dropped three hundred and twenty eight points twenty four thousand two fifty two the nasdaq was down one hundred and sixty s and p fell thirty seven points this is npr fan geico weedy news i'm mina kim.

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