Lawsuit to be filed against feds to reunite boy in detention center with mother in Mass


The england dot com good morning and thanks for joining us i'm josh binswanger wbz news the truck that overturned this morning and weston is back on its wheels but the process of unloading the big reap is a beefy task chris culkeen joins us now with the latest we've been stewing over that for quite some time now the traffic's backed up all the way beyond route nine on the northbound side of route one twenty eight the pike is back out to route thirty they have to off load all of that beef before they can move that truck it's going to be at least another hour josh will keep you updated as we go along all right my friend thanks very much abc news time nine oh one donations are pouring into mcallen texas facility for migrant immigrants the center says as more people in the us our children being separated from their parents at the border boxes of clothes arrived at the center the facility now has had to rent additional storage space to accommodate all the donations meanwhile an attorney flew out of logan airport this morning for chicago in an attempt to secure the release of a nine year old boy who's been held in detention we get details from wbz's carl stevens attorney jesse blessed here at logan airport this morning was a man on a mission i'm here today to go to chicago and litigated on my client's behalf for the release of a nine year old boy who has been detained for twenty six days the nine year old boy and his mother lydia sousa were separated after arriving from brazil even though she was approved to seek asylum in the us she was still separated from her son and that's where the attorneys going to chicago filing suit in hoping for quick resolution i'm going to stay until i bring him back lydia souza's staying with relatives in hyannis the attorney says she is desperate to be reunited with her son from logan airport carl stevens wbz newsradio ten thirty president trump tweeted this morning that hiring thousands of judges and going through a long complicated legal process is not the way to go and will always be dysfunctional adding that people must simply be stopped at the border and told they cannot come into the us illegally wbz news time nine oh two high ns woman faces charges after she tried to steal silent auction items from a fundraiser held for officer sean gannon gannon was the police yarmuth policeman shot.

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