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And weighed up. And out of the three of us he came spates of me is exact words to me out that challenge him in the conversation about, I don't know what he talking about and his, his only expression, the me was excuse my sentiments, but he told me a make sure that you'll black is it is challenged. And from that day you know everything went down here. Wow, wow. So Benard tell us a little bit about, you know, the interaction, what escalated and. How they, you know, came about finding and how how much how much marijuana did you have in your possession or at least what they, I, I zero amount of possession in my possession in my all my Ersan. Like I said, he picked the marijuana off of the ground. He didn't like my challenge in him telling him that I don't know what you're talking about with the week. So what he did was empty. He gave his word that marijuana stick on me. He actually wrote down on a police report that I was imposition of marijuana and here in New Orleans wants to get to the system on paper like that. My word is not credible Nomo after what the Copsey. So upon that, I was forced to go to trial for a five dollar. Banco marijuana in New Orleans. And I was sentenced to five years. I wasn't happy with that, but they wouldn't it in front of my neck alone trial. So I had to spend taxpayers money to take me to try to come back in thirty minutes with a what a guilty verdict. So Abban receive knows five years. Got down to thirty days from coming home in two thousand thirteen Canas aero Leon cannizzaro is the district it district attorney long. He was not satisfied. So he was able to some kind of way after my drudge senior judge battalion. He was able to come back and get me thirty day before going home, which would have been two thousand thirteen and he was able to use this law on me. Here we call a multi Bill and that enable him to enhance my sentence about ten times over the limit, which led to thirteen years and full months thirteen. And one thirty years. Well, possession of a five dollar bag, and they weren't able to manipulate my case by going back about twenty years to so criticize me on extremely bad drug habit ahead in the nineties, which I'm thirty years clean now I'm proud to say, but they were able to go back and dig up something where again, wrong. I got myself together, but they were able to use it on me in two thousand and ten because my my prior lifestyle was so class aid that it didn't talk about it. They only talk about what I did twenty years ago in a way, convince jury, I need thirteen and a half year. Well, look, we're glad that you should vives this in, you know, we, you became your case. Became very famous case, and we started working on your case drug policy alliance. And I have a a project that I started in twenty thirteen a prison let a project where I get hundreds of letters from prison was the United States. Wanted to do something for prisoners to help them. So I, I started this project where to guide aids in prison, legal moves that goes into all the prisons in the United States and ask them if they want you want to tell you story some you story and try to get you media attention while based on that same concept. When I heard about your case, I was outraged and I started a campaign, wrote a piece in the Huffington Post and twenty fourteen about your case. A lot of people joined in on this case, it became a case where grass roots activism became a alive that you invigorated this, this grassroots activists with people outrage your sentence of

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