Italy refuses to accept migrant rescue ship


Veterinary how concerned something that we always have to because we don't obviously don't want to be a part of the problem the problem is so bad some veterinarians are getting away from drugs for chronic pain using plasma and stem cell therapy in treating dogs and cats jim krasula cbs news now humanitarian ship with hundreds of migrants onboard is stranded at sea after italy's new populist government refused to let it dock abc's megan williams is in rome italy's interior minister has refused to allow a boat with six hundred and twentynine rescued people including many children land in sicily mateo slovenia insisted mall to take the migrants rescued by the humanitarian ship the aquarius he claimed italian harbors are closed salvini is a far right politician that long promised to shut italy's borders to migrants and to deport up to half a million migrants from italy rescuers took place in an area much closer to italy than malta and under international law should be taken to italy megan williams abc news rome the st police overtime scandal gets bigger troopers are now facing investigation for overtime pay theft seven more troopers are being investigated as the agency continues its audit of trooping breaking.

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