First Canada Tried to Charm Trump. Now It’s Fighting Back.


Thing about that eight hundred billion dollar annual trade deficit with about three hundred and fifty billion of that coming from china and other other parts of the world with europe is about two hundred billion dollars a year so they iraq terrorists they keep out american products we have little or no tariffs in which european products flooding america canada capes out many products from our country on the other hand we allow canadian products to flow into america keeping employed canadian workers why is this continued i'm okay you're okay push like did clinton loved it with nafta and tpp transpacific partnership hell hillary clinton said during the campaign she would get rid of that so the fact of the matter is we have a president finally looking after the american worker the american farmer the american taxpayer we got one guy trump and what is bill maher one of hbo he wants them to fail miserably impreza all of us are hurt in the process

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