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The two im pd officers who shot and killed aaron bailey last summer weren't fired and that's a good thing says rick snyder the president of the police union now he says it's time to prevent more shootings like it by educating people one thing this tragedy and subsequent public discussion revealed is the need to better understand the do's and don'ts during police center captain encounter snyder says he and the f o p are working with state lawmakers to put together a bill that would teach students in schools how to affectively interact with officers during a traffic stop or police investigation testifying against the accused killer of an indianapolis ministers pregnant wife ninetythree wicbc's stan lear reports all larry joe taylor's codefendants have agreed to testify against him in the amanda blackburn murder case blackburn was shot during the robbery of their home donald gordon now has agreed to plead guilty to robbery and burglary charges the third defendant jalen watching made a similar deal earlier stan lear ninetythree wibc mobile news body found in a miami county woods by mushroom hunters ninety three wicbc's john herrick reports that police need your help finding two men who may have been involved in that man's death state police are looking for even cain and joshua keen because they believe they played a role in the death of drake alan smith both men are considered armed and dangerous if you see them call the police immediately to see a picture of.

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