Rebel Wilson’s Record Defamation Payout Slashed By Oz Court


A modest amendment that reflects the minimum truth of what is going on in gaza now nick has some other stories from our news desk the nicaraguan government and the opposition will meet on friday in an effort to revive talks aimed at ending a crisis that's left more than one hundred and fifty people dead roman catholic bishops who arranged the meeting said that would make public that mediation proposal and president daniel ortega's response a california georgia filmed dumping a homeless man's belongings in a lake has been accused of stealing the phone of a man who confronted him filmed him the following day henry cinta was arrested on monday on suspicion of robbery after it was filmed in a fracture at the same location and a magazine publisher has successfully appealed against the size of a record defamation pout awarded to the actress rebel wilson and australia last year wilson moniquet so against bauer media over articles she said it wrongly portrayed as a serial liar show narrow c four hundred ninety thousand dollars instead of three point six million ethnic the football world cup gets underway in russia in less than eleven hours time though be sixty four games during the monthlong.

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