MMA star McGregor says he regrets Brooklyn melee


In new jersey alice stockton didn't rosellini seven ten president trump's former attorney michael cohen is looking for new legal representation and reports say he may work with prosecutors former new jersey governor chris christie tells good morning america what this means for the president nobody likes the idea that their lawyer would be cooperating with the federal government if that's where this goes no one would be happy about that but on the other hand we don't even know what he's got to say yet meanwhile today as president trump's birthday and he could be getting a really big gift the highly anticipated justice department inspector general's report on the handling of the hilary clinton email investigation comes out today which happens to be the president's seventy second birthday before heading out to the g seven summit last week president trump said the report would be a nice birthday present seems that it's coming out on my birthday maybe that's appropriate let's see it as the report is expected to focus on former fbi director james call me and the decisions he made during the clinton investigation stephanie ramos abc news the white house ufc fighter conor mcgregor is reportedly looking for a plea deal he was in court this morning after throwing a hint truck at another fighters bus at the barclay center in brooklyn here today i understand the series of this model i'm hopeful mcgregor's charged with assault and criminal mischief but negotiations are underway for a possible plea deal soon you won't be able to get styrofoam in new york city mayor de blasios says single use styrofoam plates cups and containers will be banned starting january first after a lawsuit challenging the ban was struck down friday he says the ban is long overdue and the city is ready for more environmentally friendly alternatives there's a six month grace period before fines will be levied and small businesses and nonprofit to bring in less than five hundred thousand dollars per year can apply.

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