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Brian ping will that story these stories next fifteen minutes i four fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives and here's denise fondue and here's scott burt pacific coast termite sky five over the one and one san fernando valley the eastbound right at coldwater canyon heading into studio city leading sherman oaks right now the number three and number four lanes are blocked e city buyers just getting here looks like it might take out the three right lanes at this is really really doing a number of your what are what eastbound jab prompt the four zero five if you get off the freeway it use riverside drive i'm looking right at it wide open get back on a cold water candy and you're good shape heading out towards the hollywood freeway seven ten and southgate jeb brian douglas southbound side of the seven ten issue coming up onto firestone crash involving a car and motorcycle looks like that motorcycle may have taken off as well so you'll see some activity off to the right it is slow from before the sixty on that southbound side pass firestone you're in the clear northbound little heavy off that one zero five and starting at florence things get heavy as you make your way all the way up to the ten freeway from duarte on the two ten desmond shaul it just can't catch a break on this to ten today this is probably the fourth issue in the last hour eastbound this is going to be now at boyne of vista and it's a stall in the center divider kind of jutting out into the carpool lanes so still very

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