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The brother back the got hurt josh mccown i'm sorry a new one in the mccallum brothers used was josh sits up there joshua compete with teddy a little bit for that starting job now when you talk about knicks year that class what's interesting is you have a guy like chased tesa daniels that can hit the market you have nick foles that can hit the market because the way that both of their contracts are set up nick foles will be he could basically get out of his contract because what philly i think philly will have to pay him like twenty million dollars so for nick foles it's only really a one year deal he's going to be there with philly you know they also have the opportunity to entertain some trade offers when you talk about nick foles also chase chase has the opportunity to buy back he can give money back to chicago bears to be able to become a free agent next year so that's just to the top quarterbacks that will be available when you talk about twenty nineteen for the saints in the quarterbacks that they have whether it's savage tasting hill two of the guys that are vying for that backup spot behind drew brees you really won't know a lot until those guys actually get into a preseason game and then i don't know i don't know how much you really know then i mean because what's our see during a preseason game is outside of really the third game it's not a lot of planning i mean because those guys literally two days before that's when they start looking at opponents when you're talking about preseason other than that they're just implementing what what what we do from an offensive standpoint so there's not a lot of scouting there's not a lot of play calls it's very generic so you know i really need to see what happened somewhat in a preseason game to have a better understanding of ours backup quarterback situation particularly for this year yeah i think we're in a good space obviously as an all pro but i just don't think even where we're probably going to be we're not gonna have a first round pick next year because we believe it's a.

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