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Yeah i'm sure that that's a problem for black people all over the country they can't dine out can't go anywhere without being shot big big problem in in a flat community to death all right other stuff from this week bob corker he's the outgoing senator from the state of tennessee he used a interesting word today to describe what's going on there were primaries throughout the nation this week and in one of them mark sanford fairly moderate republican very conservative republican anyway he got beat in a race president trump kind of chimed in on him on his opponent and said hey let's let's get mark sanford out of there let's get the opponent in bob corker again leaving the senate retiring don't want to have anything to do with it anymore well just listen to the words he has to us about how the republican party is rallying behind president trump we're in a strange place i mean it's almost it's becoming a cultish thing isn't it and it's it's not a good place for any party to the end up with a cult like situation as it relates to to to a president that happens to be of purportedly of of the same party cult like as bob corker ever the freedom caucus i don't think they're lockstep with president trump to you you ever seen rand paul operate you know sometimes four sometimes you know i just this notion that somehow president trump is moving republicans rallied puppets just is not accurate but on the view megan mccain and joy behar chimed in megan mccain starting this lamenting mark sanford's loss in south carolina see someone like mark sanford who is literally an icon to my husband.

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