Myanmar policeman testifies arrested reporters were set up


It's typically used for hunting wildfowl professor paul smith is the director of the oxford museum of natural history surprise was an understatement really metal within cds scanners causes all sorts of problems and so when we found all these lead pellets so first of all the instinct was what's going wrong with the scan but then we suddenly realized they were all the same shape they're all the same size and we extract some pellets and it's a shotgun blast to the back of the head until now historians believed the flightless creature had been kept alive in seventeenth century london tone house and died of disease or illtreatment so this is a pretty big development tests are still going on scientists think they can figure out in which country the lead pellets were made interest in the dodo at least in the oxford dodo remains very much alive jonathan savage reporting now if you missed any of the week's events in what catch up don't forget podcast the world this week shows come in the global news podcast the mayor of bishkek says he's been going round the fifty wearing old clothes in a bid to see what's actually going on there the politician who came up with a creative way to find out what his subjects really think a policeman has told the court in myanmar that his bosses ordered him to frame to journalists investigating alleged army abuses against ranjha muslims while lana enjoy so ooh who worked for the reuters news agency are being in prison in myanmar for five months they say they've been targeted for reporting on the treatment of the hinges which the un and us have called ethnic cleansing a charge myanmar denies our correspondent nick beak spoke to julian marshall from outside the court in youngun weaken weak out for the past four months these two journalists have been brought to court protesting their innocence saying really their only crime is that of doing their job and so we're expecting this police captain million nine to give evidence he was supposed to be a witness for the prosecution but when he stood up and started to speak he said that he'd in fact been instructed to set up the reuters pat he said.

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