Iraqi PM Mobilizes Supporters in Kirkuk ahead of May Vote


You happy friday i'm doing great mike thank you for taking my call you bet i just more than anything wanted to when i'm wrong i will admit i'm wrong and way back before the election even when there was just cruise and trump last i was a cruz all the way guy but i'm i'm a true and republican so once trump was nominated i mean i did vote for him what makes me more than anything is i listen to this station all day long and the day of the election after listening to michael metcalf okay i went to bed i went to bed that night and my wife stayed up all night and i missed the the biggest thing that'll probably ever happen in the world of this country i missed that and since then this guy he just keeps going and going and going and if they would just leave him alone like god what could our country do you know it's funny that you say that because i think that all the time if they got off his back i wonder how much we would be achieved without the media show viciously i mean i hope people had a chance to see this article in variety spotlighting jim acosta an april ryan and others who cover the trump white house and it was basically this wine fast of how how rough their lives are because they're so tough on trump they're disrespectful the disrespectful to sarah sanders giancarl all these guys in the white house they're not they're not tough and fair they're obnoxious and it's as if they figure.

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