Trump rallies in Michigan, touting economy and diplomacy and blasting media


Cbs news update an animated smiling president trump speaking at a rally near detroit michigan tonight telling the crowd he would much rather be with them that in washington dc where what he calls fake news liberals are holding the white house correspondents association dinner but mr trump was talking about his upcoming meeting with north korea's leader a lot of good things are happening there i'm not gonna give you what's going to actually happen because we don't really know but i'll tell you one thing we're not playing games cbs has don kirk has reaction from people and soul there was a huge photo layout a total of sixty one photographs on just about everything that was going on in the summit that we all saw here in south korea and they had the text of the what they call the palmer john declaration the president says perhaps for his meeting or going well he's looking forward to it and something extraordinary oh yeah he's boston mind tonight that's my producer the studio your top his nails and wbz news radio ten thirty i'm cindy here with samantha.

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