Gary Brackett announces the Colts select Tyquan Lewis No. 64 in the 2018 NFL Draft


The living daylights out of him and he'll develop there's a trade to announce real quick that colts not the browns are about to make their announcement official the colts moving up three spots and giving up a sixth to do so the colts fourth selection of the second round is coming at you as the commissioner is making his way to the podium alongside former cold gary bracket this is a lum night for me the cleveland browns had traded the sixty four th pick to the indianapolis colts to announce the indianapolis colts selection please welcome from rutgers university linebacker gary bracket mason how're you doing the sixty four th pick in two thousand eighteen nfl draft the indianapolis colts select tai kwon lewis defensive and from the ohio state tai kwon lewis out of ohio state that was the third rated defensive and in this draft according to mel kiper and he is the last player taken in the second round and this is the second rusher they took two rushers in this round both guys who can come off the edge this is free and math is not saying they'll be that good but it's the same blueprint and and they're following it to a t they have taken three defensive players this route alone you talk about the two edge rusher tai kwon lewis out of ohio state komo go to ray at a rutgers earlier they took darius leonard linebacker out of south carolina state and then an offensive guard from overgrazing smith with them as well two rushers in a will those are the most important positions along with a three technique defensive tackle in the defense in the tampa two defense so they've they've done a great job filling those holes all right let's welcome in our next guest to connor williams out of the university of texas taken by the dallas cowboys will you don't have to go far what's it what's it mean to be taken by this team in this stadium it's i mean i played my last high school game in this stadium it's it's incredible and it's a dream come true have they told you where they're gonna play guard or tackle.

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