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And fifty camp counselors that's outstanding they do a great job and so within the twenty three years i i won't say it's perfect but it's near perfection scott sidwell friend of ours obviously the athletic director universities have cisco the dons and a part of the ncw baseball selection committee down here his his roots obviously down here his dad his dad was coordinator for the saints steve sidwell and scott first of all thanks for being with us and what a great can't let me just blown away by fantastic this has been really one of the great joys for me and our family opportunity my son was a camper for for four years and now he's a counselor going off to to play college football in his own right and he's going to go to trinity college in hartford connecticut receiver db's who works to see that see that happen for him but but more so just really gs my dad's here my brothers bene counselor here for fifteen years and i've been coming down for that many as well and and tim re boza a great friend matter of fact he's he's the godfather my son bo so so for us all to have the opportunity to get down here and see this it's fantastic you got a little gosh drip going on we got a little glow sidwell boys this we good weekend force scott we talked to you a couple of weeks back before or after the nc double a baseball tournament election and i think three out of four teams in the sec see remaining the college world series positively sec obviously but i think you guys did a good job of getting it right account balances out it works its way out where they would end up seating wise oh gosh they were just in that lost large and here they are here they are in the college world series i mean they they lost any cannizzaro early on and then they battled some adversity a slow start here they are in the college world series and the final ford has

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