Live coverage: High drama as hardline immigration bill fails, compromise vote delayed


From your breaking news station i'm larry mullen break house speaker paul ryan is delaying vote on a broad immigration reform bill the house defeated the hardliners immigration proposal with speaker ryan noting the president's executive order of wednesday we obviously want to have families reunited a monterey proposal ryan got behind however was also unlikely to get a majority of republicans only votes meanwhile at the white house president trump blaming democrats for not wanting to vote for the bill because it gives him money for the wall and cuts down legal immigration numbers they don't care about the children they don't care about the injury that don't care about the problems in the next breath or so an invitation to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer i'd invite them to come over to the white house anytime they want this afternoon would be good bob costantini washington the houses narrowly approved a massive five year farm bill a little more than a month after conservatives helped take the bill out of frustration over a separate fight on immigration the vote was two thirteen to two to.

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