Laser pointer burns hole in boy's retina


By snow kwami casino bringing bright lights and big stars to mountain view plaza this summer trace adkins and wilson of heart and air supply watch star under the stars at seattle's closest snoqualmie casino well we had a feeling that this first day of summer would be cloudy and cooler and that's the forecast mostly cloudy and around seventy five degrees today tomorrow cloudy and sixty eight and tomorrow night there's a chance of a few scattered showers we rebound for the weekend though partly sunny and seventy five on saturday mostly sunny and a high near eighty on sunday komo news time six twenty six the department of revenue is holding a safe deposit box auction today in kenmore you could have chance to buy a baseball that's believed to be the one hit by ken griffey junior for his first kingdom grand slam the department of revenue says they can't verify if it's authentic but they say it's believed to be the same ball griffey junior hit thirty years ago and again with the department of revenue says the ball comes with an article about the previous owner owner who tried to sell it for fifty thousand dollars with no luck so we have this ball that is allegedly the first grand slam that he had while in the kingdom and it is autographed by him and nineteen ninetyone and it's accompanied by the article of the previous owner who was trying to auction it off in two thousand and eight before he made it into the hall of fame today's the last day of the auction bidding starts at nine this morning at the james g murphy company and kenmore he bit in person or online but we're always hearing about the dangers of laser pointers now we're hearing the nine year old boy from greece burned a hole through part of his eyeball with one of those laser pointers doctors say his case has been documented in the new england journal of medicine today the boy damaged the region that helps recognize detail in faces and text while his other is fine doctors say there's nothing that could do for the injured i because the nerves were destroyed.

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