Argentina and Saudi Arabia to be added to MSCI emerging markets index


This morning bmw volkswagen and porsche also trading lower emerging market stocks are about to get six hundred billion dollar booze with msci saying it'll add both saudi arabia and argentina too it's equity index of developing nations bloomberg's charlie pellett has that story it rewards both countries for their efforts to modernize stock markets in a step that could draw billions of dollars of fresh investment to the middle east's biggest borse and a latin american nation pummeled by a currency selloff the decision miam sci which has more than one point nine trillion dollars in assets benchmarked to its group of emerging markets indexes will add the two countries to it's developing nation index in about a year charlie pellett bloomberg daybreak thank you charlie the bank of england is forecast to keep rates unchanged at today's latest policy decision markets will look two minutes from the june meeting to see if the central bank could hike rates in august any language on trade tensions could also garner attention daniela russell is head of uk rate strategy at hsbc one of the things which are expected bankers alien start to acknowledge today is that softening in the global environment and also the softening that we've seen in the european data of late that decision from the bank of england comes at seven am wall street time as national bank kept interest rates at a record low today the central bank's policy statement noted that the swiss francs recent appreciation due to political turmoil in italy the says growth risks are to the downside and that its current policy of negative rates and intervention threats remain essential here in the us the federal reserve releases results on this year's first round of stress tests for major banks today we get a preview from bloomberg's vinny del.

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