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Heaven and the cares that hung around me through the week seem to vanish like gavin singalong street returning to gather dancing cheektocheek here's guy guy god combo turned out to be so fabulous on the best selling musical connections in a long long time was the get together lady gaga had with tony bennett and so much so they're back in the studio together both of them were spotted heading into the new york electric lady studios rumors have been floating around they are collaborating once again this song cheektocheek and the album that came with a debuted at number one in two thousand fourteen on the billboard charts massive success for both of them and they said they wanted to do something else so bad guy performing as tony's ninetieth birthday bash at radio city music hall and you can see whenever they are together you can see that there is a warmth between the two of any number of times when they have appeared together so anyway at a at chu is he really respects her talent and i'm a huge tony bennett fan even is not easy to sing with he has such a unique style the way he raises things it's not easy to actually sing with him and somehow she managed to really do that and do it better than anyone else who's ever tried normally his duets are separate singers and they cut it together in the studio president chore together it's a lot of work maybe they wanna do it he did a few shows together but that was it hi also music at twenty five past the hour on the dj vs show victoria and doug bobby brown call the cover of pushed to tease new daytona album which depicts whitney houston's bathroom counter littered with drugs in really bad taste really think bobby brown was married to houston in the nineties and he was blamed for her drug problem but it turns out maybe that wasn't the whole story that's the impression i've gotten in more recent last couple of years anyway after being told that it was a picture of houston bathroom licensed by kanye west radio five thousand dollars brad said why would he posted on his album cover that would be that would be something i'd ask pretty disgusting.

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