Trump Says He’s Considering Pardon for Martha Stewart, Commuting Rod Blagojevich’s Sentence


Coverage this afternoon at four thirty six thirty pm and tonight at eleven news headlines from npr and also coming up penny nelson we'll have the morning version the friday morning version of the california report that's all ahead for you on k q e d it's five forty two now from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly hiring in the us picked up last month the labor department says employers added two hundred twenty three thousand jobs in may unemployment declined to an eighteen year low president trump says he's considering at least two more pardons one for lifestyle celebrity martha stewart and another former illinois democratic governor rod blagojevich he serving fourteen years in prison for corruption yesterday trump pardon conservative commentator deneche desouza who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations desouza was asked what trump said to him about the pardon i've been looking at the case i knew from the beginning that it was fishy but he said upon reviewing it he felt a great injustice had been done and using his power he was going to rectify it sort of clear the slate to sousa was speaking to fox news the us is planning to veto a resolution expected to go before the un security council calling for the protection of palestinian civilians as linda fassulo reports us ambassador nikki haley calls that proposal onesided and morally bankrupt ambassador haley strongly criticized the draft resolution stressing that it makes no mention of hamas it calls on the security council to consider measures to guarantee the safety of palestinian civilians earlier this week hamas militants fired more than two hundred rockets and mortars into israel i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington support for k q e d on friday morning comes from finnity from comcast xfinity internet delivers.

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