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Dismayed. I want to tell you guys about my newest saving trick and thanks for taking the time to listen because I got my contact lens prescription renewed from my couch yesterday in under five minutes using an awesome new app called simple contexts, simple context. Let's you renew your prescription and reorder your brand of lenses from anywhere in minutes through an online self guided vision test. Every test is designed and reviewed by doctors, so they are literally bringing the doctor's office to your home. Think of how much time you save compared to making an appointment getting to the eye doctor taking time off parking parking in LA, right? Walk, walk walk, but also parking in your city. 'cause it's always hard anyway, the contact lens prices are unbeatable the vision test is only twenty dollars and shipping is free. You can't find a better spend for your money for this thing. Just remember though this isn't a replacement for your periodic full. I health exam. It's something to add on. It's a way to get those contacts the. The exam was very, very, very simple. The do I thought that would be hard to do without like that giant machine from the doctor, but they cross-checked what I've done with my full. I health exam and it made it easy to take care of all the process that I need to then get contact lenses. I often wear glasses. I also often wear contact lenses, especially when I'm doing certain comedy things or if an acting in a thing, you know and it's a period when I couldn't have worn glasses, I need to be able to see so I can perform well and like not fall over stuff. You know, I use context to do it and simple context is making that easier for me. They can make it easier for you to because our listeners can get thirty dollars off their first simple contacts order, thirty dollars. That's money. Just go to simple context dot com slash cracked or enter the code cracked at checkout. Again, that's symbol context dot com. Slash cracked or just enter code cracked at checkout for thirty dollars off your contacts. So like the first problem is these private companies get to act as gatekeeper, which is raising really big questions about free speech on what is the public square that is the internet right to these companies. They, they adhere to different rules in different parts of the world, or they adhere to no rules at all. So it's even more confusing on top of perhaps mean unfair. And then you see, even after some companies make decisions about who gets to be on the platform after it's all said and done, they regret it. So I mentioned cloudflare earlier, right there ones took off the daily Stormer from online. I asked Danielle Citron how she how that all shook out ultimately. And she had a very interesting response. Crowd flair removal of it services from Jerry storm are Michael prince, the CEO cloudflare has since said, I'm never doing that again. I don't wanna please. God on the internet really hoped his name was Jim cloudflare disappointing. It is very disappointing. You have the situation where these private companies have this power, they don't want to use it and having a and then you have situations in Europe where the EU says, what we're. Going to regulate stuff but enact rally. All they're doing is saying to these private companies, you have to regulate it. Like, right. I mean, like these governments are seating even more power to companies like Facebook in those situations. And so like no one, no one's in charge or. Yeah, or if anyone has any control over it. I said before, I don't want it to be a very, very old Senator. I also don't want it to be a twenty something guy who just like started a web hosting company to make money and ride like funky scooter around his campus or whatever. Exactly. That guy's probably not capable either. Yeah. And now I didn't vote for the guy who who who like rides at rentable motorized scooter around San Francisco. He's in charge of free speech on the internet now. Right. And so a further layer of complication that I want to introduce to you is that when it comes to these issues of speech and hate and who gets to be online in America, especially there is no single clear definition of what hate speech even is you can't do it like there's some protected speech, and there's some regulation on violence. I was motivated by hate, but the big courts, that matter they don't agree, but h Meech is and I talked reasonably with the format of the ACLU and she basically said, hate speech is whatever you think he wanted to be to advance your cause, which is depressing. But then another kind of true. Imagine now we are saying the

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