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The. Hi, I'm calling your host of the good news podcast and I'm Neil, the other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago guys. Here's some good news facts about bikes, social reformer, and feminist Susan b. Anthony. One said that the invention of the modern bicycle has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world and called it the freedom. She agreed. The other fact is UPS was founded by two teenage boys, one bicycle in a borrowed one hundred dollars from my friend. That's crazy. I know did bikes can do anything pony express baby. So why the bike fax? Well, today's episode is all about our love of bikes. Yeah, we often talk. About bikes on on the show, but we're doing this specific is we did an event. We did what's called by could derive the city's shuts down lakeshore drive and you can bike it. And for those not from Chicago, lakeshore drive is a beautiful avenue. I mean, it's a major road Yair that's along the lakefront. It's beautiful. There's a song about it a very, like hip kinda catchy arm Beeson. Really? Yeah. So the city shuts down lakeshore drive. It's beautiful. And here is some audio from me and Colleen at this year's bike, the drive. Halfway through the ride feeling very cool. Or at the museum science and industry, Chicago, and it's beautiful. It's very early in the mornings still, and it's quiet and very chill. I am in Hyde Park. I just got done getting are being on my bike and Neil is in grant park, and it's been so much fun. There's tons and tons of bikers and everyone's super friendly. The volunteers are so great. They keep telling us we're doing a great job and all the bikers are way. Cool. It's just it's just like super happy. And the other thing too that I love is I'm seeing all sorts of bikes, all sorts of people and all sorts of ages. And it's just really cool. More than twenty thousand people biked the drive this weekend, and we saw all sorts of bikes and all sorts of shapes and sizes. What did you see Neil when you were doing it? I saw some recumbent bikes, those bikes that use in pedal with your feet. Those I saw unicycle. Wow, that's tough. Yeah. Thirty miles right or Grendel must be dying. What else did you see? I saw a cool hand powered bike feeling pedaling with your hand. Okay. I thought that was very cool. I saw Colleen. Thank you for asking this question. You're welcome. I saw the craziest bike I have ever seen. I hope you're about to say what I think you're about to say, police say, okay, is it was essentially like a full adult bike, like a mountain bike with another, like a man was on that bike and a woman was kind of like strapped onto the front in like a recumbent seat. Attached to the front. She was pedaling. Okay. A bicycle built for two, but she was recumbent and front two different. He was up very cool. That's not what I thought you were going to say. It was the weirdest bike I've ever seen. Did it look like it was something they kind of like patched together or or is this? Is this a bike from his store? Here's my gut. Yeah, you can buy it from a shop, but it costs like fifteen thousand dollars a lot because it's they probably make five, right? That's my gut. The other thing that I thought was amazing about the drive was the amount of diversity I saw on the crowd. It really was a diverse crowd, which you know in the city of Chicago where such a segregated city to see everybody come together, not for a protest, but for this really fun thing, it was. It was really refreshing and fun to be out again for those. Not in Chicago. Lakeshore drive runs north south. Yeah. And Chicago is one of the most educated cities in the US and north south segregated. We are south segregate segregated. Yeah. So you know, ten thousand north siders ride south and ten thousand ten thousand south siders run north, and we all just kind of meet and mingle in the middle and as sort of surface

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