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Coordinating this on a friday time so you can start as soon as we conclude here i know but there's an election in california coming on tuesday and can't rest to get out there we were talking a little bit about that before we start would you tell our listeners i didn't quite you you have a lot of facts i didn't understand about cows and how voted to have what they call an an open primary which means the top two vote getters in the primary election for a governor's race win even if they're both democrats both republicans whatever it's just the top two vote by against each other in the general mash primary mass primary open it's meant to allow people from the green party and others to have a sort of higher opportunity roy the result of it really is that you have in california which for the first time ever has the republican party running third in registration so so few people are registered as republicans in california that their third there's the democratic party then there's declined to state or independence who may be republican issue maybe democratic but like to kind of go and then there's republicans in the governor's race gavin newsom the former mayor of san francisco is running i in the polling second when very close race is antonio viragos former mayor of los angeles and the republican whose name i don't even remember because they didn't have a shot he really doesn't but because they're so close and because there are several other john chang a great candidate d'alene east and there's several other democrats they're all splitting the democratic vote it's possible that an tonio will come in third and then it will be gavin newsom and a republican now you are forgiven newsom that's great because he'll win that's not a problem if you think that not enough people have been talking about the issues in california and there should be a further debate then you want the you know you wanna healthy a primary and and that would happen but the but what will also happen because of that is all the republican money will then skip to focusing on these congressional races instead of having to battle on the on the government side so i think we should have a real debate between antonio viragos and gavin newsom there's not tremendous.

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