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The. Hi, I'm calling your host of the good news podcast and I'm Neil, the other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago. It's that time of year graduation. What were you doing the end of your senior year when you in high school? What were you up to? That's a great question. I remember senior skip day. Did you do it? Oh, yeah. Okay. I think I think everyone did. I don't remember if I did it or not, but I don't think it was made until like a big deal at my school. So we went to the devils hop yards state park in Connecticut. So I remember senior skip day as a beautiful day, my whole class like barbecued together. That makes me think that at the end of senior year, we were all like coming together because we were all sort of wrapping up this phase of our life and like sort of the cliquey high school stuff. I think backed off a little bit. Yeah. Did the green day song in the background play. The a fork stuck in the road. Tom grabs you by the directs you to go. Do's and memories. Yeah, that's on. Did play in a senior slide, show her member that so it was good memories. It was. I a lot of people had a rough high school. I had. I had a real easy. You can't relate to that really. I like I wasn't popular. I was just funny. An answer, really close friends and lira. Good. Yeah, we were, yeah, sounds great. Yeah. What about you senior year was under senior year was just like I was over it. I was over school. I wasn't going to school a bunch. I was just like I had my first boyfriend. I was like way into him. We're still friends. Yeah, you know, I, I was I was a solid b. student. I wasn't like super smart. I wasn't like not smart. I was just happy to be going to college in the fall. Today's episode we're talking to Laura Chen winner of the science ambassador scholarship funded by cards against humanity. My name is Maria ran, and I am the community manager at cards against humanity. And we do this cool thing every year where we give a full ride scholarship to women in stem all the science and Basseterre scholarship. So the science and Basseterre scholarship was started three years ago when cards against humanity released a science themed expansion pack. We sell this pack online in one hundred percent of the proceeds from that pack. Go towards the scholarship fund. That's so cool. Yeah. And we've raised over a million dollars and every year we work really hard to give that money to women in science. So they can get undergraduate degrees. What is the sort of hoops they have to go through to apply? Yes. So to apply for the scholarship, you basically submit a three minute video of yourself explaining a scientific topic that you're passionate about. Oko we have a board of seventy. I think we're at seventy three. Now, women who work professionally in science and hold higher degrees. We have the most incredible board. We have representatives from this myth Sonian we have so cool and one from the museum of science and industry in Chicago, and they pick the winner because obviously us at Carson's any. We're not. We're not doing that. We're organizing it, but days are deliberate. But before we talk with Laura, here's some things to consider via the women's museum of California twenty. One percent of girls say that their parents encourage them to become an actress while only ten percent of girls say that their parents encourage them to think about an engineering career minority women comprise fewer than one in ten employed scientists and engineers. These stats are bleak. We know that, but it gives us more reason to support uplift students like Laura. Laura. This is probably from the good news podcast. I'm also on the phone with Neil. Thank you so much again for taking the time and congratulations. Yeah, that's been cool. Those very cool to win that entire scholarship crazy. It seems like you earned it is a rigorous process. They go through to pick a winner. Can you tell us what the plans are for the fall, where you off to? What are you studying, what your you know what he must frayed of? Yeah, so this fall off to MIT to study bio-engineering. I'm super excited. I visited there for their Capellini weekend and I talked to students there and they say, you know, it's super tough. It's probably the hardest thing ever gonna do, but everybody they're just like love the school and loved all the people there. So I'm really excited to meet new people even if the classes are going to be extremely difficult. Yeah. At what point did you know that biology was something you were passionate about or excited about? Was there a moment in your youth or in school somewhere that got you really hyped up about specifically biology. Like a civic moment, but I was always that kid playing outside digging in the dirt, like finding about side and play with them. I also have this obsession with horses. So I read so many books about animals and all these different things. Visit. It's kind of my background. That's always in the back of my mind. And then what I got school, those the classes that I really enjoyed, I loved bath. I love biology chemistry. And then from there in the news where there's so many new things in biology, their company discovering new things in -veloping new treatments. It's just something that's so interesting to me. So that's really excited to go into biology. Are you lady in steam or Noah lady team and you're interested in applying for next round? That's very cool applications opened September and keep an eye on Twitter for the exact date waiter. Second record. Scrabble, IPE Nelia said steam. I did say stinks. It was stem. I think it's steam. Now what's going on science technology, engineering, arts, and design and mathematics. So they added the arts and design they did. I think that's great. I think that's great. Why not? Why not? We're. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Awesome, or maybe wanna tell us a joke or idea. That's amazing. Email us at good news at cards against humanity dot com or leave his voice mail at seven, seven, three, two one, seven, zero one, five, six. You can also tweet us at the good news pod, and if you love the good news podcast review us on items, we'd appreciate it. Most of our music is by potting, bear same place same time tomorrow.

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