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Of arizona at tucson one of the centers of black hole physics and he's the author of a new book called the edge of infinity about black holes so let's not get a few definitions off the ground before we had ryan into the center of a black hole first of all what is a black hole while a black hole is an object was escape velocity is the speed of light in other words light itself cannot escape a black hole in other words everything falls in but nothing falls out and then surrounding the black hole there is a sphere called the event horizon and the event horizon is the point of no return if you fall through that imaginary sphere you get sucked right into the black hole and you never come out again and lastly we have two types of black holes stellar black holes that is all stars that peter out and collapsed into a black hole and galactic black holes like at the center of the milky way galaxy itself right in our own backyard so once again our special guest today is dr welby amelia and we are talking about one of the strangest objects in the universe and that is the black hole the first question for you is how did you first

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