Jeremy Thorpe probe top reopen after police admit suspect may still be alive



And the ad council a stunning report of child abuse in chicago public schools the shocking tribune article shows quote police investigated five hundred and twenty three reports that children were sexually assaulted or abused from two thousand eight to two thousand seventeen as an eighth grader a black magnet elementary tomorrow read told the newspaper she received texts from substitute teacher aaron williams banks telling her he wanted to have sex with her and wanted her to send naked pictures to him i went home and my mom she kept telling me wait it wasn't my fault i think that the students who were covered in this report were extremely brave chicago public schools ceo janice jackson is pledging reforms in hiring disciplinary actions and training elizabeth matthews with fox affiliate w f l d in chicago police in scottsdale arizona appear to be dealing with a serial killer they've linked the killings of two paralegals to the shooting death of a prominent forensic psychiatrist who assisted in high profile murder cases including serial killings and phoenix police in scottsdale say friday's killings of paralegals the larrea sharpen laura anderson are related to the murder of dr steven pit thousands march across new york city's brooklyn bridge to protest gun violence the rally drew thousands including the survivor from the school massacre in parkland florida eliah eastman no students you have to hide anything meets body to survive when i was that student body matter picked out of their hair after surviving but i was that student no students should have to suffer from ptsd but i am a student no citizens have to go to school thing for their lives but we all are those students the march was organized by youth over guns and there were other marches across the country and the remains of eight us military veterans stored for years in the basement of a county courthouse in texas finally are very honor.

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