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Rocks i pray to god you're right my friend tim from alaska now in topeka but i'll tell you what i have little faith in jeff sessions i have little faith in christopher ray i have no faith in rod rosenstein and those are the guys in charge of the investigation why aren't there special counsel appointed to go after they known criminality of all these democrats that are conducting these campaigns against trump i mean basically everybody that works for mr insurance policy robert muller is a democrat and so there's no investigation of andrew weissmann or the democrats that are investigating trump and the media access if everything is breaking news but the fact that matters known criminality for the past year and a half is not being investigated to anyone's knowledge and they're going after things like flint's misstatement they're going after manafort and gates what happened twelve years ago how about the known criminality of the democrats in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen how about going after mccain will either note to the fbi when he was deputy director of the fbi that's about the worst thing you can do but everyone's knowledge there's no investigation by muller of andrew mccabe who by the way worked for robert muller how does robert muller investigate andrew mccabe when muller hard mccade many years ago and their friends how can muller investigate james komi all his lies and leaks one for many years comi worked for robert moore why isn't rubber muller conflicted out jeff sessions to just laying back on his heels he doesn't have the only thing you can just kick it back those guys are burying themselves i hope martyrs the fox or he my hope with the economy he's moving forward with this with tariffs i mean i want your opinion on this this little bit off subject but it's on trump.

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